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Summer Diabetes Reminders by Diane Battaglia

By Megan Watts posted 21 days ago


With the nice weather in Western PA many of us are enjoying the long-awaited engagement in OUTDOOR activities.

Listed are a few related self-management bits for people with diabetes.

  • Make sure to scrub the skin well 3 times with alcohol wipe before applying a sensor or infusion set.  Oily skin, dry skin or sweat can cause adhesion loss of the tape.
  • Use an over patch or medical tape on your sensor to help keep the sensor on (even if not usually needed).
  • Get a waterproof case to store your pump in for when you need to take it off to go swimming. If it is very hot, throw the entire case into the cooler that holds your food so it doesn't overheat in the sun.
  • Sensors are waterproof at 3 feet for 30 minutes but may not provide glucose readings during this time.  
  • Purchase an easy to use Cool pack for your insulin.  Just dip it in water and it will keep your insulin cool for hours!
  • BACK UP Plan: Always carry insulin in a pen (or vial and syringe) just in case your pump gets damaged by the heat or water, review dosing instructions for injections with your provider before you need them
  • Carry extra water/drinks for hydration and sugar if needed

We would love for you to share yours self-management bits as well!


Diane Battaglia, RN, CDCES, CPT