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Omnipod 5

By Megan Watts posted 06-30-2022 19:50


Omnipod 5 Now Available!


The much-anticipated Insulet’s Omnipod 5 is now available! I wanted to provide an brief overview of the system:

Features of the system include Smart Adjust technology to proactively adjust insulin every 5 minutes working towards a customizable target selected by the user (which can be between 110-150mg/dl).  The system can have up to 8 targets during the day if the person would prefer to have the lower target overnight and slightly higher one during the day as an example. 

The system also includes Smart Bolus calculator which will consider the CGM blood sugar with trend (this can be in manual or automated mode).  The CGM trend into the next 60 minutes will be used to adjust the final bolus dose.

Activity mode is a feature that will protect users from hypoglycemia by increasing the target to 150mg/dl and also decreasing the insulin given while in this mode. The system will go back to the predetermined target once the time has expired. 

You can use a compatible smart phone (please check for most updated list) at this time it isn’t available for IOS users but that is hopefully coming soon.

The controller will automatically upload to Glooko once the person has added to their Glooko account. There is a AT&T Sim card which allows the data to be sent and received when you controller is not connected to a WIFI network. 

Here are some tips when using the system:

               The system learns the user and doesn’t go into adaptability until after 48 hours and the first site change.  Please do not try and micromanage the system, it will learn but you will need to give it guidance and correct as needed.  Going from manual mode to auto mode back to manual mode may not help the system quickly learn the person’s needs.

               Try not to overtreat low blood sugars.  Since the system is looking 60 min into the future, it will have already paused insulin, and someone may over treat the low blood sugar.

               Please keep the Omnipod 5 pod and Dexcom G6 in line of site with each other.  The more they can “see” each other, the less likely they will lose connection and move to Automated Mode: Limited.

This is another feature that doesn’t force you to manual mode but does provide the lowest either preprogrammed basal or adaptive basal to protect from low blood sugar when CGM data isn’t available.   

Technology is advancing so quickly that we must help those patients with diabetes manage this new era to help them live better with diabetes.  Omnipod 5 was designed to help simplify life with diabetes and this continues to be our company’s goal. 

- WPLNG Board 




07-06-2022 14:12

Great information. Thank you!

07-05-2022 17:47

Amazing features and worth the wait.  How many are having issues with ordering the devices?  Limited pharmacy availability and insurance coverage makes getting the product difficult.