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Learning the LNG Lingo

By Holly Falke posted 20 days ago


Let’s talk LNGs

This month we are breaking down a very commonly used abbreviation among ADCES Connect, but one that not everyone is familiar with. Keep reading to learn more about Local Networking Groups (LNGs), how to choose the LNG for you, tips for getting the most out of your membership, and recent news from your leaders.


What is an LNG?

LNG is the acronym for Local Networking Group. LNGs are responsible for education, networking, and community connections at a local level versus statewide. It allows for more intimate gatherings and connections with colleagues in similar communities.

How many LNGs are there?

Currently, the Texas Coordinating Body has 5 active LNGs. We are always looking for more leaders to help represent each area of our great state. If you are interested in an area that is not currently represented, please reach out to the Texas CB lead here.

How do I know which LNG I belong to?

You get to choose! Your annual ADCES membership grants you access to Texas ADCES and it's resources. Part of that is the option to choose an LNG that best serves you.

Provided below is a map with suggestions based on your area. If you are in the middle of two, please feel free to join both LNG’s. If you have questions about which LNG you want to join, please reach out here.

How do I join an LNG?

Once you decide on your LNG, now you must manually subscribe to receive direct communications. Sign into My ADCES Connect, select Texas under the My State Network tab, and scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the list of Texas LNGs. Find the one you want and click the Join button. 

When you join, you now have the option to select how frequently you receive communications. I highly recommend real time emails or a daily digest to ensure you see information in a timely manner. You can also adjust your settings under your profile if you change your mind or need to briefly pause communications. 

I joined an LNG…now what?

First, congrats on joining!

Now, as a subscribed member, you will start receiving communications about local news and events from your LNG leaders. As a member, you also have the ability to start your own discussion using the LNG discussion forum if you have any questions or would like to share information with local colleagues.

Other questions:              

For further questions navigating the ADCES connect website and selecting your LNG, please reach out here

LNG State Map

LNG News

North TX Local Networking Group:

North TX is currently is seeking a new lead. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please reach out here.

Central TX Local Networking Group:
Our South Central TX ADCES members had their last in-person networking event in February 2020. Although we have not met in-person due to COVID-19, our members continue to stay engaged by participating in virtual events. 

Members have stayed engaged by attending the virtual 2020 JDRF South Central Gala in May, the TX state-wide webinar in June, ADCES20 conference in August and the recent TX ADCES town hall. We are excited to see more members are utilizing the new ADCES Connect site and have seen a 100% increase in members subscribing to our group discussion board. 

For more information about the Central TX LNG please reach out to Clarissa.

Southeast TX Local Networking Group:

Southeast Texas would like to say hello to all our members, old and new! We have faced unprecedented times and we know that now more than ever, we need to support one another in our quest to provide the best care & education to our communities. 

Let us hear from you! Watch your inbox for a survey to share with us what you, the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, need from your Southeast Texas LNG.

For more information about the Southeast TX LNG, please reach out to Yusra or Laura.


South Central TX Local Networking Group:

Hello from your Central Texas LNG leads, Jessica and Priscilla! We're excited to have been able to continue to support our members with virtual events this year featuring medication and device updates. This month, look for a (very) short survey from us looking for your input on the types of virtual events you'd like to see us host in the future.

For more information about the, please reach out to Jessica or Priscilla.

West TX Local Networking Group:

For more information about the Central TX LNG please reach out to Terry.

What questions do you have about LNGs? Feel free to leave them in the comments below! 




13 days ago

I echo, great information, to understand how ADCES is organized.  I made a good decision a while back to attend a LNG event :)

16 days ago

Great information!  Thanks Holly!