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January 22nd WV LNG Virtual Event - Advocacy

By Mary Treadway posted 01-17-2024 15:57


WV Local Networking Group (LNG) is very excited to have the opportunity have Andrea McCarty, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES speak about patient advocacy related to patients living with diabetes. Andrea is currently employed by WVU as a Certified Diabetes Dietitian at the Pediatric Endocrinology office. Andrea is also involved with the ADCES Advocacy Committee.  At the end of the presentation, we will also be discussing with attendees at which location we would want to host our 2024 Diabetes Symposium. WV has not sponsored the Diabetes Symposium since 2016 and we are excited to get it rejuvenated again to provide a support system for the providers providing care for patients living with diabetes but also providing up to date information on the treatments of disease processes. 

Scan the QR for more information on the flier that was shared on earlier but here is a link to register also.,1,jVt9J0ypC4PHxRVvOl1fwqNnq5SEgOvr8AP6iHvThycmTgKmqLIbGRN_nAVOJeBT3lgfKzx3yChmK2gtBEjpOGh2hVYGy0lYujWlblU9LOQX3Gs,&typo=1