Effect of Covid 19 on your "recovered" patients with diabetes mellitus

By Patricia Linekin posted 5 days ago

Living in New York City, the epicenter of the first severe Covid 19 cases, I have seen first hand how NYC Covid patients overwhelmed all our hospitals. Nurses  & doctors have been exhausted by the sheer volume of patients near death & dying. In spite of it all, they have put humanity in caring for dying patients whose family were not allowed to comfort & visit them. All other medical and surgical needs of patients had to wait unless they had an emergency.
My question for all of you in this blog is: What have all you ADCES members observed in your patients with diabetes who were lucky enough to have survived the acute attack of the Covid 19 virus. Do you have any tips to share with all of us as we try to give the best wholistic care to our patients post Covid 19
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