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  • Don't forget! Register for the Novo Nordisk online education event on Thursday, May 20, 2021 from 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT. Presenter Jennifer Goldman, PharmD will be discussing Rybelsus and when it should be considered for adults with type 2 diabetes. See ...

  • I have just spent 2 weeks trying to work through the sampling program to no avail. I have spoken to multiple people from Abbot trying to set something up but they just won't work with me. They kept trying to send me to the website to have patients sign ...

  • We've just started the program. I've given Libres to four patients so far. My Abbott rep was very persistent (in a good way!) about contacting me periodically to see if I was ready to talk about the program. Our network had a "no samples" policy but amended ...

  • Hi Chris, I was wondering if you were still discharging folks home with the Libre? If so, do you apply the sensor yourself in your role or have them do it? Do you give to the uninsured? Any words of wisdom as I am trying to find ways to make this happen? ...

  • Hi Summer! Could you please share your "creativity" about getting free samples from Walmart. I only got so far to contact the National office as the local ones were not able to make those decisions. Thanks! Missy ------------------------------ Melissa ...

  • You're invited to attend the second annual, virtual Diabetes Prevention Program State Engagement Meeting (StEM) hosted by the Tennessee Department of Health. Exploring the "Next Normal" of diabetes prevention. Join this event to hear from a panel ...

  • ​​ Dushun is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please join the Research Triangle LNG as Dr Lucy Vidal-Barreto and Peter Le presents Primary and Specialty Medical Care Options for Adults Without Insurance this Wednesday @ 6pm-8pm. ...

  • Good morning educators, Kyle Herndon (Medical Science Liaison I Diabetes Sanofi) has invited us to a Zoom presentation/discussion on the " Management of T2D in Patients with High A1c ." There are two options available: Tuesday, May 25 th @ ...

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