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Suzy is a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist who is passionate about plant-based nutrition!  As a dietitian and evidence-based practitioner, she teaches about the significant health benefits associated with a plant-based eating pattern.

Suzy recognized a need for accurate, individualized nutrition information for those choosing to be vegetarian or vegan.Opened in 2009, Move2Veg is an opportunity to support those who want to meet their nutritional needs through plant-based eating.Suzy has worked with both children and adults as a dietitian and diabetes educator for over 25 years and frequently presents on plant-based nutrition in her community.

She served as the 2021 Leader for the Plant-Based Nutrition COI of the ADCES and as a state and national leader for the Vegetarian Nutrition Practice Group of the AND. She has published 3 articles on plant-based nutrition in diabetes care in peer reviewed journals and was featured on the ADCES Huddle Podcast in October 2021 for National Vegetarian Month.