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Welcome to the homepage for the ADCES Washington State Network! This group represents and supports members and groups throughout our state. We encourage you to look around, join in discussions and participate. Just use the links below to start networking with your peers!



Nicole Treanor

Immediate past chair:

Deb Belknap



Susie Wang


Greater Seattle LNG:

Stacy Trogdon  RDN, CDCES


Spokane LNG:

Caitlin Snider


South Sound LNG:
***OPEN Position***

Open for Tacoma, Federal Way, Covington, Enumclaw, Olympia and the peninsula.

Central Washington LNG

Maddy Schnur



Carrie Swift


Member At Large

Jen Okemah


Recognition Lead: 

Carol Taylor

Networking Lead:

Keisha Engley

Mentoring Lead:
***OPEN Position***

Membership Lead
***OPEN Position***

If you are interested in being part of the Washington Coordinating Body, please contact Nicole.Treanor@gmail.com

**Please continue to scroll down for the latest blog posts from the state and for information regarding your local networking group (LNG) including discussions and upcoming events. Be sure to subscribe to your local LNG to stay up to date with events in your area and to network with local ADCES members. For questions or information on how to do this, please reach out to the CB Chair Nicole.Treanor@gmail.com


What is Our Purpose? - YouTubeAbout Us: Our Purpose, Mission, Vision, Goals and Plans

Our Purpose: We are a state branch of the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES), a national professional organization devoted to the learning and benefit of its members, healthcare professionals.  Our role is to guide the education and advancement of our members, with the greater hope of improving the care provided to Persons With Diabetes.  We aim to mentor and motivate our members, as well as provide recognition of the achievements of our members.  We desire to increase the recognition of diabetes care and education specialists as vital members of healthcare, industry, and academia.  On a state and national level, we support and participate in advocacy to increase access to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.

Our Mission: To promote the professional development of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and their role as diabetes experts in our state.

Our Vision: To empower current and aspiring Diabetes Care and Education Specialists to provide exceptional diabetes care for all who need it.

Our Goals: 

  1. Professional Advancement: Increase the knowledge and skill level of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, and elevate the profession in various settings across healthcare, academia and industry.
  2. Mentorship: Provide opportunities to healthcare professionals to gain or advance their  knowledge and experience, and to enter into or advance in the field of Diabetes Care.
  3. Networking: Foster relationships between diabetes care and education specialists, and with other members of the healthcare team, with the intent of exchanging ideas and resources.
  4. Recognition: Recognize and highlight the accomplishments and contributions of our state’s diabetes care and education specialists. 
  5. Advocacy: Work to advance policies at the state and organizational levels to increase access to high quality DSMES and other diabetes related services.  Promote the role of the diabetes care and education specialist as an expert resource and a leading part of the diabetes care team.

Our Plan: How the Washington Coordinating Body will work toward meeting our goals. 

1 Year Plan

  1. Professional Advancement:  We will survey our membership to determine their needs and preferences related to professional advancement.  We will use this data, along with national trends, to analyze the skill and education gaps that exist.  We will use this data in planning LNG networking and learning events and to aid in planning our annual conference.  
  2. Mentorship:  We are assessing the Coordinating Body positions to determine if it is best to create a new position of Mentoring Lead, as well as look at how these responsibilities can be job-shared within the existing CB membership.  
  3. Networking:  We will make an effort to promote the use of the Washington page of ADCES Connect to our membership.  To encourage more consistent use of ADCES connect, we will use this as the primary platform of communication.  We will plan to start monthly posts either describing LNG events, helpful tips and practice pearls, recipes, educator highlights and more.  We will also look into greater use of social media.
  4. Recognition:  We will aim to create a quarterly posting on ADCES WA-Connect highlighting the stories and accomplishments of Washington state Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.
  5. Advocacy:  We will work to support national initiatives and goals.  We will work to raise interdisciplinary awareness of the role of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists by reaching out to other professional organizations for partnered events or initiatives. 
Updated 2/2022

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Thursday, June 09, 2022 - (open-ended)
    Quick Task (less than an hour)
    Washington Coordinating Body
  • Thursday, June 09, 2022 - (open-ended)
    Quick Task (less than an hour)
    Washington Coordinating Body

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  • Just sending a reminder that our WA CB is now on IG! I just shared our board's open positions, please give ADCESwashington a follow + share our post to your stories if able to help spread the word. Thank you! ------------------------------ Carol ...

  • Sure! ------------------------------ Lisa Letourneau-Freiberg, MPH, RD, LDN Research Director University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center lletourneau@uchicago.edu ------------------------------

  • This sounds super interesting! Can I share on our new instagram page? ADCESWashington

  • Hello all! I am a Research Director and work remotely at the University of Chicago, but I now live in the beautiful Seattle area! I'm new to the WA state coordinating body. Our team at the University of Chicago is committed to sharing knowledge and resources ...

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    RE: We're on IG!

    Great news! Will follow! Carrie Swift

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    We're on IG!

    ADCESWashington (this is our instagram name) is now on IG! Please follow and we will follow back! Anything nutrition/diabetes related you want us to share, please comment and let us know, happy to share related IG stories as well! ------------------------------ ...

  • Susan, Thanks for the information. You're the first to share that with me. Perhaps other DCES in the great state of Washington had a similar issue. Here is the link

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